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Jim-Quick-PhDThe media consider him a stress expert. The military have called on him to address stress, leadership and culture change. His books and articles appear in 10 languages and he is frequently asked to serve as an expert in legal cases. But ask Jim Quick about his own motivation and he’ll tell you about his grandfather, a gifted professor of pediatrics. “He made a difference in kids’ lives,” says Jim. “He became my hero and role model.” Jim’s own interest in organizational psychology and behavioral medicine and his subsequent years with the U.S. Air Force only deepened his interest in the characteristics of an emotionally healthy workplace. He has translated this passion and growing expertise into a successful teaching career, equally at home in academia, government offices and businesses of every size and industry. His greatest pleasure is finding and drawing out the potential of his clients. “When I’m making a difference, I’m happy. I know my grandfather would be proud.” He and Debra Nelson are award-winning coauthors.


A snapshot of strengths:

A distinguished, award-winning, academic and professional career as university professor, researcher, consultant, colonel, author, speaker and mentor.

More than 25 years experience in coaching, facilitating and speaking, with expertise in:

– Leadership development
– Preventive stress management
– Executive education and coaching
– Organizational assessment
– Conflict management

It’s all within reach. It’s all within.

When “good enough” is no longer good enough, you’re ready for a breakthrough facilitated by experienced leadership consultants. NelsonQuick Group can help you make it happen for you, your people and your organization as a whole. Our methods fuel giant leaps in performance by drawing out the potential buried within — inner strengths that, once released, become catalysts for positive change.

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