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Debra-Nelson-PhDShe’s an internationally recognized author, consultant and speaker, but for Debra Nelson, mastering workgroup dynamics began as an act of sheer necessity. “My degree in finance prepared me for the business world. But my first job involved leading people—I had to learn fast!” Never someone to shy away from challenges, Debra’s solution was to learn more about leadership. Through her graduate coursework, she met Jim Quick and they discovered their mutual fascination with improving people’s lives at work. Debra soon became a highly accomplished coach with an incredible knack for identifying strengths in others and honing those strengths. Perhaps her greatest talent is her extraordinary ability to combine analytical skills with creative, innovative approaches to advance individual and group objectives. She conducts corporate retreats and training sessions inside a wide variety of organizations across the country, but she doesn’t have to look far to see the impact of her work. “Someone once said to me ‘I took one of your seminars two years ago and it changed my life.’ Wanting that result for all of my clients is the ultimate motivation.”


A snapshot of strengths:

A distinguished, award-winning, academic and professional career as university professor, researcher, consultant, author, speaker and coach

More than 25 years experience in coaching, facilitating and speaking, with expertise in:

– Leadership training and development
– Emotional intelligence training and development
– Leadership team and executive coaching
– High performance culture development
– Management consulting

It’s all within reach. It’s all within.

When “good enough” is no longer good enough, you’re ready for a breakthrough facilitated by experienced leadership consultants. NelsonQuick Group can help you make it happen for you, your people and your organization as a whole. Our methods fuel giant leaps in performance by drawing out the potential buried within — inner strengths that, once released, become catalysts for positive change.

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