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Performance from Within® starts here.


The Leadership Battery®

The Leadership Battery® is the NelsonQuick Group toolkit for leadership assessment, the scientific basis for leadership development. NelsonQuick Group principals are certified and skilled in the Emotional Competence Inventory (ECI) 360, Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ) 360, Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation (FIRO-B), Power Management Inventory (PMI), the Birkman Method, and many other leadership assessments. You’ll receive a customized Battery report and coaching plan for upgrading your personal leadership style to achieve positive impact. Why not select from The Leadership Battery® toolkit to engage the untapped potential of your most valuable resource, your leaders?


Preventive Stress Management™

Stress is integral to a leader’s life, for good or for ill. You’ve known how nutrition, fitness and immunizations make a difference in preventing disease. If you’re ready to turn bad stress at work into good stress, happiness and longevity, you owe it to yourself to learn evidence-based prevention skills. You’ll learn to recognize early warning signs of stress, with special attention to your personal health risks, and practice a host of stress prevention skills you can apply whenever needed. You’ll learn to identify and embrace healthy stress — good stress that can inspire you to feel alert, perform at your peak and enjoy work fully. Our own Jim Quick and his brother Dr. “Jono” Quick coined the term “preventive stress management,” a lifesaving approach set forth in the book Preventive Stress Management in Organizations.


Emotional Competence Development

Have you ever felt you could ignite a rocket under your career if only you could identify how to get out of your own way? The difference between star performers and also-rans often comes down to core social and emotional competencies. The NelsonQuick Group uses the 360-degree Emotional Competence Inventory (ECI) to help you pinpoint your already-well-developed competencies and prioritize those that could use a boost. This performance model is sure to fuel a leap in self-management, social awareness and relationship competencies, making it ideal for not only individual development, but also entire work groups. It’s a great road map for planning an entire year’s internal training and development.


Leaders of Leaders

Imagine the satisfaction — and bottom-line benefits — of developing a ready supply of skilled leaders within your own organization. Creating your own leadership pipeline starts with a smart look at your organization, then making its systems work for you. “Leaders of Leaders” gets you well on your way, enhancing your mastery of advanced skills such as coaching and counseling, effective decision making and building influence. You’ll discover techniques for creating a high performance organizational culture and managing diversity for competitive advantage. Include your mid- to top-level management teams in your session and launch your network of effective and inspiring mentors, creating an ever richer legacy of growth and performance.

It’s all within reach. It’s all within.

When “good enough” is no longer good enough, you’re ready for a breakthrough facilitated by experienced leadership consultants. NelsonQuick Group can help you make it happen for you, your people and your organization as a whole. Our methods fuel giant leaps in performance by drawing out the potential buried within — inner strengths that, once released, become catalysts for positive change.

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